Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 3/02/16

Only 1 more day until 16.2 comes out, what do you think the movements will be?

A few quick shout outs.  Congrats to Nicole D., she crushed the workout 16.1 and even did it again.  Nicole is currently 5th in the Northwest Region and 56th in the world after workout one.  Great job.

Also a big congrats to Cassie, she not only got her first chest to bar pull-up in 16.1 she got her first 24 :-)  She posted video, I'll get a hold of to share.  When you hit pr's please share, take a picture or video.  It motivates and inspires us all..


Each Week:
Ø  1 point for each team member that does the Open workout (RX or scaled). Wod’s done at an out of town gym count.
Ø  1 point for each person on your team that finishes in the top 3 of the gym for that week’s open workout.
Ø  5 points for each team completing the weekly challenge. Last week was meal prep, this week team must accumulate 12 minutes of holding a plank.  Pictures and witnesses for verification.
Ø  Bonus points will be awarded for setting personal records, i.e. linking the most double-unders ever, reaching a new max in a lift etc.  Last week Cassie earned some for her C2B Pull-Ups
Ø  Bonus points can also be earned for teams that show the most team spirit, this will be by posting comments online, best outfits during the open wods, cheers, overall spirit and attitude to pump up your team. 
Ø  Points will also be won for helping CFIB in our inter-gym challenge with CF425. Points for this below.  We must not only beat 425, we must crush them........

CFIB vs. CF425  (doing these will earn points for the intramural teams too, double your pleasure double your fun)

As many people in your gym can do each of the following items to earn your gym points.
□       One point will be awarded for every person that wears a shirt with CFIB on at CrossFit 425 or a wear a CF 425 shirt in CFIB at any time between February 26-March 4 (Pictures must be sent to Braxton for 425 or Ron for CFIB).  A person can only earn 1 point, for example a gym can have 20 people wear a shirt and have their picture taken to earn 20 points.
□       2 Points for every person that sends their meal prep pictures to their gym. 
□       5 points for every person that does air squats while purchasing a drink at Starbucks or any public coffee stand.  Video proof is required
□       10 points will be awarded if 100% of the members that signed up for the CF Open participate in Week 1 WOD.  Scaling is allowed, if you have a member traveling during that week and are signed up for the Open, they had better drop in to a gym somewhere
NEW ITEMS ADDED by 425 (Yes Braxton added these but I think Beth inspired him)
□       Dance Routine for points scored as follows:  1 intramural team = 1 point per person on team, 2 intramural teams combined in one video = 2 points per person on the team, 3 intramural teams combined in one video = 3 points per individual on the team.  so you can see you can earn a lot of points here.
□       Pictures of team human pyramid - Big points tbd
□       In recognition of how horrible 16.1 was, 15 points per person that does 3 burpees before ordering a at a public establishment.  Video submission is required.  

Hang Snatch 10 sets of 1 rep

Intermediate - Advanced
5 of the following complex
1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch + 2 OH Squats (go as heavy as you can, and it's squat on every snatch, no power snatches)

Deadlift (Mx 185/135, Rx 225/155, Rx+ 245/165, FB 275/185)
Pull-Ups (Mx/Rx pull-ups, Rx+ C2B Pull-Ups, FB 7-5-3 Bar Muscle Ups)

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