Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 3/16/16

Here are this weeks Intramural Team Challenges as well as the 425 vs. Interbay Challenge.

Here's a easy one... As March madness approaches.... We have a lot of Dawgs and Cougs in the gym.  So for the rest of this Week, wear any Pac-12 Apparel, your alumni or any team in the College Basketball March Madness tournament to earn points for your team and the gym.

You can wear anything, shirt, hat, shorts....whatever.  make sure a picture is taken
*It's not about how much you wear but just wear something.

Start wearing them immediately but on Friday at 1:10pm 425 will do a live drawing of how much each team is worth...
Pac-12 teams-?
Other College Teams -?

So start wearing the clothes immediately but we won't know what they will be worth until Friday afternoon.

For example if the drawing comes out the following:
20 Dawgs X 3pts= 60
8 cougs x 2pts= 16
6 other X1pts= 6
*Again we won't know until Friday afternoon, I'll post the results on FaceBook and Instagram.
*You can start wearing apparel immediately for each day and you'll find out your points later in the week.

And for the 425 vs. Interbay challenge we are doing a Meno vs. Meno Competition.  Coach Geoffs brother trains at 425 and so this will be for 20 points for the gym, winner takes all in this challenge
2:30 AMRAP
20 cal Row
30 Double Unders
With the remaining time... burpees finishing touching a pull-up bar.
Again the winning Meno will take all 20 points for the gym.  Make sure you motivate Geoff properly.

Coach Geoff staying fit in Hawaii

Coach Geoff staying fit in Hawaii

Strength 1:
5 Sets of 3 Reps

Strength Part 2:
3 Rounds of 20 Weighted Sit-Ups
Anchor your feet and place a dumbbell or double kettlebells high on your chest.

5 Rounds
5 Deadlift (Mx 205/145, Rx 245/165, Rx+ 275/185, FB 315/205)
12 Ring Dips (FB+ Do the FB Deadlift weight and then do your Ring Dips at the top of the muscle up rings, so do a muscle up then do your ring dips, if you drop off before the 12 reps of dips then you will have to muscle up your way back to the top)

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