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Wednesday 4/20/16 Guest Blog Post from Coach Geoff

Team CFIB,

What drives you? Why do you push yourself so hard when you step through the doors at CFIB? Losing weight? Gettin' swole? The coming beach season? A healthier lifestyle? I know what drives me - competition, and my brother just whooped me in the Meno vs Meno WOD. I would volunteer to do a solo dance performance to try and earn points back for CFIB but, trust me, nobody wants to see me dance.

More than anything, getting beat by my brother has inspired me to get back into a routine. This was a wake up call - "You're slipping, Meno!" Having a 7-month old can't be an excuse anymore, I just have to get a bit more creative with my workouts and my schedule. I see a lot of 20 lb weighted lunges in my future, weighted pull-ups, and weighted sit-ups. Diaper changes for time will fuel my competitive streak and desire to hit new PRs.

This mouthful of crow tastes terrible and I'm committed to never tasting it again. Whatever it is that drives you, take stock of where you are now and commit to being in a better spot when the 2017 Open rolls around. Most of us won't be competing at the Games, but the Open can serve as a terrific measuring stick each and every year. Use it to drive yourself to getting back on track or, if you're already setting new PRs every week, update your goals and push for new challenges.

Ron - count me in for Meno vs Meno in 2017! (And since my brother has two older kids...I think a "1-mile run while carrying your offspring" seems like a promising event).

Coach Geoff

5 Minute EMOM
Tempo Ring Dips
1-5 reps each minute 30x0 which means I want you to go down in the dip for a count of 3, then when you reach the bottom push up at normal speed.  Work the negative


5 Minute EMOM
Tempo Push-Ups
3-10 Reps 30x0


3 Rounds
15 Ring Dips (Rx+ 4/3 Bar Muscle-Ups, FB 8/6 Bar Muscle-Ups)
30 Wall Balls (20/14)


Post WOD:
1 Minute Plank Hold
1 Minute Right Side Plank Hold
1 Minute Left Side Plank Hold
40 Russian Med Ball Twists

Every 4 years during the summer, I'm a kid in a candy store with unlimited money and no parental supervision.  The 2016 Olympics are coming up and I'm sharing my excitement with everyone.  I love watching all sports but I will give some special exposure to one I was heavily in during the late 80's - 2001.  Many of my friends and teammates are either still competing or are now coaches.  What many people don't know about Olympians is they are grossly underfunded and scrape by just so they can focus on training and pursuing their Olympic Dreams, only 1% make the Michael Phelps money.  So if you feel inclined, support the 2016 Olympic Heavy Weight Taekwondo Athlete for the United States and purchase a Stephen Lamdin T-shirt.  Go Team Lamdin Link!!!! 

The first video are some highlights from the 2012 Olympics and the second video is Stephen Lamdin knocking out a Belarus athlete at the 2015 World Taekwondo Championships

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