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Thursday 6/2/16 Guest Post from Mary T.

Crossfit changed my life; I owe my life to Crossfit

I was never an athlete. In my youth I bought into the stereotype that women can't be strong. Crossfit has made me a different person. Everything I've accomplished these past two years has happened through a massive amount of blood, sweat, and tears. Serious dedication when I wanted to quit, and just showing up, no matter what my brain said.

When I joined Crossfit Steadfast I had serious health, personal, family, and financial issues. I was ready to throw in the towel on this thing called life. I'd spent the previous three years stumbling through a medical community with minimal knowledge of Traumatic Brain Injury. I'd been through so many medications and treatments I felt sub-human. These years were focused on what the TBI took away from me and how much I'd lost; walking, thinking, working, moving, emotional strength, supporting others. Through Crossfit I regained "I can" and over time have gained a positive outlet and new strength I never thought possible.

It was difficult leaving the box that helped me regain my humanity. Then I found Crossfit Interbay, where I was astounded at how I was welcomed, like I had always been part of the CFIB family. Coaches immediately got to know me and my quirks and helped me modify. Soon they were pushing me where I needed motivation and helping me scale when my motivation exceeded my capacity.

Two years into my Crossfit adventure, some days are so brutal I can barely breathe or walk and some days I kick some WOD ass. No matter the fight, on bad days I always hear someone cheering me on. I feel fortunate that sometimes I can now do that for others too. I have many more good days now. I love to look around and see other people suffering, everyone suffering together. I know I'm never alone in my challenges anymore. At Crossfit we are all brought together through the drive to challenge our own self, where we stand, no matter where that is.

Mary T.

Thank you for sharing Mary, we are happy you found a home with us, you are such a hard worker and so inspiring.  Keep it up!!!! 

Shoulder Press
Set 1 - 5 Reps @ 60% 1RM
Set 2 - 5 Reps @ 70% 1RM
Set 3 - 5 Reps @ 75% 1RM
Set 4 - Max Reps @ 80% 1RM

10 Clean and Jerks (Mx 115/75, Rx 135/95, FB 155/115)
400M Run
8 Clean and Jerks
400M Run
6 Clean and Jerks
400M Run
4 Clean and Jerks
400M Run
2 Clean and Jerks

Is anyone else excited we are so close to the 2016 Olympics?  If I'm not at work or the gym I will be sitting in front of the tv watching as many of the sports as possible.  

These aren't the best knockouts, they are the knockouts this person found online.  Go to any U.S. Nationals and you'll see plenty of knockouts in the first two rounds of fighting, so many mismatches and the mismatches is where the easier knockouts come from.

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