Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 6/14/16

Congratulations to Coach Shogun for competing and doing well at Battle of the Ballpark competition this past weekend.

Here is a picture of Shogun before and after the workout :-)

Shoulder Press
10 Sets of 2 Reps @ 80% 1RM
1 Set of 8 Reps @ 50% 1RM

under 10 minutes of work so no point even saying what the WOD is today........No running and no double unders in this WOD

Post WOD:
3 Sets of 10 Strict Shoulder Press @ 60-70% 1RM
3 Sets of 10 Lateral Raises w/dumbbells Coaches will demonstrate and go light (Hold at the top for 1 second at each rep)
3 Sets of 10 Front Plate Raises w/10, 15, 25 or 45 plate.  Slow and controlled (Hold at the top for 1 second at each rep)
3 Sets of 10 Bent Over Lateral Raises (Hold at the top for 1 second at each rep, go really light with this one. use dumbbells)
3 Sets of 10 Upright Row w/KB 

Sure I want jeans to fit my butt and thighs, however I'm not sure I want anything named "Barbell Jeans".  I let everyone know I lift weights with selfie lifting videos on FaceBook, not with my jeans....duhhh.

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