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Monday 8/1/16

We are in the midst of summer and everyone seems to going on or returning from vacations. We all love vacation – the planning, the build-up, the actual vacation and then coming back home! Okay, maybe not so much the last one, but I do have to say that I was ready to get back into a routine, eat some veggies, and get training anytime after I spend some time away. 

When you're on vacation, you do exactly what you do on vacation.  Go to bed early, sit by the pool drinking water, ate all the fruits and vegetables at the buffet and talked to various people on how to invest money.

Or it was filled with lots of food and a couple drinks along the way! Not that this is a bad thing – everyone needs a break once in a while and we am always due for one!

Every once in a while we need to take a step back. I love CrossFit, but these short vacations are just what I need to refresh! I work, I train, I coach and my office even has a gym where I do extra lifting when I can! So it’s nice to take a break and have a renewed sense of appreciation and motivation to succeed in CF and my overall fitness and diet.

I'm back now…and hurting. This happens every time. However, I have to remind myself it only lasts momentarily!

I remember when I took a week off after going to watch the games a couple of years ago and when I returned I completely forgot how to do a kipping hand stand push-up! I couldn’t believe – 10 days and I forgot!!! Yet, in about a week I got back in my groove and was busting out more HSPU than I had ever done before!

Here are some tips if you are just getting back into your CrossFit routine after a vacation:

1. Don’t Over Do It!

You may have put on some extra pounds on you vacation and think, “Okay I’ll just double up and shed those pounds right away!” Not going to work…you are just going to fatigue yourself and won’t see the results in your workouts or your body. Very likely your body will revolt with sickness and/or extreme fatigue. Get back into it, make the modifications you need and those extra pounds will be off in no time.

2. Don’t Decrease Caloric Intake

Similar to #1 many will think if I just cut calories, I can lose those extra lbs. Yes, you can lose water weight and you can also lose a lot of that muscle you worked so hard for. In addition, without the correct caloric intake you will not have the energy to complete and succeed in WODs. Be smart about what you are putting into your body and ensure you are fueling it properly.

3. Eat Vegetables (Lots and Lots)!

Most people don’t get enough veggies on a daily basis and that is magnified when you are on vacation! Make it a point to add in more veggies so you can get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body may have been missing the past few days. In addition, vegetables are great for cleansing your body and releasing toxins (margaritas, beers, etc…)

4. Drink LOTS of Water

Similar to the veggies water is also very cleansing for your body. In addition, flying can dehydrate you so make sure you are hydrated especially before, during and after your WODs.

5. Take Time to Relax and Breathe 

Getting back after vacation can be overwhelming. Your inbox is filled to the max, projects are waiting, grocery shopping, laundry, unpacking, cooking…it can all seem very overwhelming and can go from zero to stressful in no time! Keep your stress level (and sanity) in control by taking a couple minutes to just focus on your breathing. It can make a world of difference and help you to prioritize what really needs to be done, what can wait and what can be delegated. Keeping your stress level in check will help keep your energy up and will help you sleep at night – both are extremely needed for WODing!

6. Remind Yourself – This Isn’t Permanent

It may hurt, you may forget things, and you might be gasping for air during those first few WODs back. But I promise you, it won’t last very long. One week away from CrossFit isn’t going to kill you, you won’t lose all your strength and you won’t forget how to CrossFit completely! Be patient, it will all come back and you will be better for it. You will push yourself harder and be ready to take on the next challenge!

Front Squat
Five sets of 4-5 reps
(as heavy as possible)

20 Minute AMRAP
200m Run w/Wall Ball (20/14)
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
30 Double Unders

The 2016 Summer Olympics start this Friday.  

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