Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 7/7/16

The weather is starting to be beautiful (Ok, not this week but it has been and will be in Seattle). You are enjoying life and have stopped working out. Summer is a time to enjoy being outside but it is also not a time to neglect your fitness. One of the coolest things about being fit is that it makes other activities easier. The other thing about fitness is that it’s an easy habit to break. Backyard BBQ’s, all day drinking events and weekend trips can cause you to blow off work outs. Next thing you know a week goes by and you haven’t worked out and your nutrition starts to get shaky. Before you know it a month has passed. All of that hard work you did over the winter has nearly been undone.

Summer is the perfect time to not only stay fit, but it allows you to do so outside which can breathe life into any fitness routine. So many new avenues are opened in the summer that aren’t there in winter. You can go for a bike ride without having to bundle up. Trail running is another fun activity rather than just logging miles on the road. Go to the lake and swim. The possibilities are endless and incorporating other activates like these into your CrossFit routine will make you a better-rounded athlete. Don’t let fitness go by the wayside in the summer, also don’t let it be your only pursuit. Life balance is the most important thing. Enjoy life and all of the amazing things it offers but don’t forget to take care of yourself and your health and wellness so you are around a long time to do so.

Photo taken by Jud in Kailua

Photo taken by Jud in Kailua

Here is another fun event, it's called 5K Gone Bad.  It's a fun cf style race on Mercer Island.  A few of us are already signed up for it.

Shoulder Press
5 Sets of 5 Reps @ 75+% 1RM

WOD:Part C:
3 Rounds
300m Row
50 Double Unders
10 Thrusters (Mx 95/65, Rx 115/75, Rx+ 135/95, FB 155/115)
*Rest 3 Minutes between each round (self timed)

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