Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 8/25/16 Coach Shea's last week before he moves

Yes yes yes I've been putting off making this post because I didn't want to believe it and I've been hoping to find a way to talk Shea out of moving back to Kentucky.

However, this is Coach Shea's last week in the gym.  He is moving back to Kentucky next week.

Be sure to wish Shea well and maybe talk him into staying in Seattle :-) However we will be having a going away BBQ at Coach Nicole's house in Magnolia, this Sunday at 5pm.  Address and details will be in the gym.

Skill/Strength:  Handstand pushups/Handstand Holds/Handstand Walks


Strength 2 to complete in between handstand work:
Core Challenge, not for time and not in any particular order.  Just get the work done.
40 Hollow Body Rocks
40 V-Ups
40 Supermans
1 Minute Plank hold from elbows
1 Minute Plank Hold push-up position
1 Minute Plank Hold on your right side
1 Minute Plank Hold on your left side

8 minute AMRAP:
1 Deadlift
5 burpees
2 Deadlift
5 burpees
3 Deadlift
5 burpees
*continue up the ladder as high as you can go in 8 minutes
*Deadlift will be loaded 65-75% of your 1rm
*Your final score is the weight you used and the final round you completed + Reps you completed in the following round.  (Example:  6 + 4, which means I finished the round of 6 deadlifts and 5 burpees then 4 deadlifts of the round of 7.)

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