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Thursday 1/26/17

Your Relationship with Your Coach

One of the major contributing factors to our gym and community’s success is the fact that every Coach knows and trains every athlete.  If we don’t know you, we will find you and learn you.  It’s how we operate.

But what is the significance of that relationship?  A Coach’s job is to educate and inspire you.  Every coach has a different teaching style – the way he/she talks, the words they use, their presence in the class, the way they demo, etc.  Undoubtedly, certain athletes gravitate towards certain coaches due to compatibility.

This can also have some drawbacks.  Mainly, the inability to communicate with a coach when something isn’t going well or working the right way.  Your goal to becoming fit is a two-way street here at CFIB.  I need YOU to TALK with your coach and give them FEEDBACK on how they lead you.

Remember:  Coaches are people too.

We need love and attention in the form of feedback on our performance and ability to serve you as athletes.  If you feel, AT ANY TIME, that a coach would benefit from something you have to say…please…tell them (privately)......or text, email or call.  I get texts all the time with opinions, feedback or random thoughts.  206-399-5707 (Ron)

Deadlift (Mx 185/135, Rx 225/155, FB 275/185)
Ring Dips
*12 Minute time cap

Post WOD Work:
2 x 1k Row (Record both your 1K Row times on the White Board)
*4 Minutes rest between rows

This song makes me want to Carlton Dance every time I hear it.  I related to this song when I was 23 and still feel the same at 43 :) 

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