Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 10/12/17

Two day countdown until the "Denim & Diamonds Party" to celebrate CrossFit Interbay's 7 Year Anniversary.  The time will be from 7pm-11pm, we will have some food and plenty to drink.


Bottom up KB presses or use dumbbells to find the right weight.  Lift using only one arm at a time
4 Sets of 10 Reps of each arm

3 Rounds
20 KB Swings (55/35)
20 Weighted Lunges in the front rack (Mx 75/55, Rx 95/65, Rx+ 115/75)
1 Minute Plank (Self timed, if you can't go 60 seconds straight, accumulate plank holds until you reach 1 minute each round)
Immediately following the 3 rounds do 30 Push Press with the same barbell as the lunges
*Your time ends when you complete the Push Press

Post WOD Strength: (Optional)
Shoulder work, stay light.
3 Sets of 10 Lateral Raises w/dumbbell

3 Sets of 10 reps bent over lateral raises

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