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Tuesday 10/3/17

Here is another post from Coach Tyler:

I want to talk about overtraining.

I don’t believe in overtraining. I don’t actually think overtraining exists.

What do we mean when we say overtraining? Commonly, overtraining is a state where your workouts are in decline, you’re more sore than normal, you’re unusually tired (both in and out of the gym), and you don’t have the same pep in your step. We’ve all gone through this. And I’m not here to argue that these symptoms don’t exist. In fact, I’m absolutely sure they do.

But this didn’t come from overtraining, because overtraining doesn’t exist.

You’re not feeling this way because you’ve been training too much, you’re feeling this way because you’re under-recovered. Tomato, tomato you say. Well no. And here’s why.

Show me a person who’s overtrained and I’ll show you someone who’s not getting 8 hours of sleep each night, doesn’t have their nutrition dialed in, and is too stressed at work. It’s like nutrition. Everyone wants to take the latest and greatest supplement without first making sure they’re eating vegetables. We want to jump to the fancy-shmancy without first ensuring the basics. I have yet to meet anybody, elite athlete or Average Joe, who has everything dialed in outside the gym. Ask yourself: are you doing everything possible in your power ensure proper recovery? If the answer is no, then you can’t blame overtraining.

This is my short-winded diatribe against the overtrainers of the world. You’re under-recovered, not overtrained. So just take a second the next time you feel extra-sore or tired or weak in the gym. Don’t blame the training first. Look at your recovery and I’ll bet you can find something worth improving.

Robert and Jackie are in Iceland so of course they dropped in to work out.  Look who they ran into Annie Thorisdottir, CrossFit Games Champion


Ring Dips
3 Sets of 10 Reps (use the smallest band or add weight if needed so they are challenging)

24 Minute EMOM
1st Minute Burpees (Mx 10, Rx 12, FB 15)
2nd Minute Row (Mx 10/8, Rx 12/10, FB 16/12 Calories, don’t pace this, attack)
3rd Minute 100m Farmers carry w/KB 55/35 in each hand)
*Scale reps, weights and distance as needed

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