Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 11/16/17

We are deadlifting today and one question people will ask……..Belt or no Belt?

The answer depends on what you’re using it for. Are you using it to protect your back? Then the answer is no belt.  You need to learn to breathe properly, contract and hold your body in a good position with the appropriate weight, luckily we have coaches there to help you the whole way. When deadlifting you need to learn to create intra-abdominal pressure, to brace the spine without the aid of a belt.

The other question to ask is, are you using it as an aid to lift more weight? Then sometimes go for it. Don’t start using it from your first lift. Learning to breathe hard with and against the belt to make the most of a lift is just as much of a skill as learning to breathe and lift without one.

In the end, the point of wearing a belt is a highly personal decision, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously. Once you're comfortable moving properly and you feel more confident wearing it, wear it! If you find it awkward and uncomfortable, don't.  Both are good answers as long as you’re keeping your body in proper position, contract and breathe properly.

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Shoulder Press
10 Reps @ 50-60% 1RM

5 Rounds
5 Deadlift (Mx 205/145, Rx 255/175, Rx+ 275/205, FB 315/225)
15/10 Push-Ups
15 V-Ups

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