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Tuesday 12/12/17

A couple of important updates with the Burpees for TreeHouseforkids 

We are raising great money for a this organization that helps foster children, let's keep it going.

With all your donations and the matching dollars, every coach has reached a minimum of 250 burpees!!!!! Yay!!!! The gym is up to $6,000 dollars and 6000 burpees spread over all the coaches. 

We received another special dollar match donation from someone you may see in the gym on Saturdays.  Levi is a good friend of mine for about 10 years ago where we met at CrossFit Bellevue plus he's volunteered as a judge for every Toys for Tots fundraising competition I ever threw.  He trains at CFIB on Saturday's plus he's done guest coaching for us in the past and he's one of the coaches on the CrossFit Gymnastics Certifications, so he was really excited we were raising money for an organization he thinks is important but the fact we are doing it with burpees, this got Levi super excited.

Levi is making a donation through his work to the Treehouse organization for $500 dollars and his office is matching his $500 donation for a grand total of $1,000 dollars.  Levi is spreading $400 of the money to the coaches, he wants to see me reach 1500 burpees (Lucky me) and he wants others to join him for 250 burpees.  Levi asked us to create 4 groups to do burpees on December 31st with the coaches, Ian(he is doing 3,000 burpees) and Levi.  For the 4 volunteer burpee groups, he will match 125 dollars for each group and we will cap the group to do a maximum of 250.  So the goal is to get 4 more groups to do 250 burpees.  We need to keep donating in order to reach $125 dollars for each of these groups and he will match 125 dollars for a total of 250 per group.

So who wants to join us in some burpees?  Put your name on the white board in the gym and thank you to Levi for his great donation and he will be joining to do the 250 burpees too.

oh wait.........can we get Vipin and Eric D to join us in some burpees on the 31st :-) #askingforafriend they also did some very generous matching donations that really got the money coming in.  If i'm doing 1500, they can definitely do 250 :-)

Can you keep donating to the coaches?  OF COURSE YOU CAN, they'd be happy to do more.  I think all the coaches should do at least a thousand burpees.


The following strength, skill & WOD is courtesy of Levi

Practice kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, Ring & Bar Muscle-Ups


accumulate 40 Shoot Throughs using Parallettes or Boxes

15 Minute AMRAP
5 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Hollow Rocks
5 Strict Chin-Ups
400m Run

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