Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 12/4/17

We did this last year and we are bringing it back, so let's have a little fun during the holidays for the month of December.  The Christmas Bingo is a challenge for the days between Dec 4 and Dec 25.


You need a partner in crime. All this work is meant to be shared between 2 people.

One partner MAY do all the work if the other person is not in the gym that day. Shared work MUST be completed on the same day.

You may complete one task per day, no more. You cannot make up a “missed” day.

Write the date in the square of the task on the day it’s completed.

You can only do one day a week of the work at home, the rest of the work must be completed in the gym.

There will be announcements about challenges and prizes throughout the month on our FaceBook page and blog.

GRAB A PARTNER, COME UP WITH A TEAM NAME AND GET STARTED Thursday!!!!  Bingo cards will be in the gym.

Below is last years bingo card.  Come in Monday to see 2017's challenges


Another important event we are doing in the gym is the burpee fundraiser for the Treehouse organization which helps children in Foster Care.

You will see these jars underneath the White Board with one for each of our coaches and for every dollar raised that coach will do a burpee. We will collect and keep a running tally for each coach for the entire month of December. Then each coach will do all their burpees at once together at the beginning of the new year. All the money we collect will be donated to Treehouse, this is a local organization that helps kids in foster care. To find out more about their organization you can go to this link:

So have fun, find a teammate for the CrossFit Bingo that starts Monday and donate to watch your coaches do a whole lot of burpees, if a coach raises 1,000 dollars they will do all 1,000 burpees in a row no matter how long it takes.  We will be highlighting coaches all month so you can get to know them a little better and hopefully bring in a few dollars to drop in their jar.  We will also let them program some workouts for you :) muahahahaha

Let's kick off with myself (Ron)
3 Truths & a Lie..........yes three of the following are truths and one is a lie..........which one?
1.  I won a typing competition in high school and I type over 100 words per minute
2. I modeled for Adidas when I lived in Japan
3. I took three years of tap dancing
4. I used to battle break dance.

oh and Go Bills!!!!


Clearly this is a Ron WOD

30 Minute EMOM
1st Minute: 100m run
2nd Minute: Burpees (Mx 8, Rx 10, Rx+ 12, FB 15)
3rd Minute: Wall Balls (20/14, Mx 10 reps, Rx 12 Reps, Rx+ 15 Reps, FB 18 Reps)

Today's Workout

Tomorrow's Workout