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Wednesday 2/22/17

I'm reposting this because Thursday starts the 2017 CrossFit Open:

Some of you have been asking whether you should, or why you should register for the CrossFit Open this year.  GOOD QUESTION!  Yes the Open has changed over the years and has come a long way from our first year.  But CrossFit Interbay has also changed too.

I have thought about this a lot lately.  I've asked for opinions from many people including our coaches.  I believe I have settled on the answer and the why.

I think of this Open as an opportunity to set a performance baseline for those of us who do "CrossFit" for fun or for everyday fitness.  I don't mean performance in competition, I mean personal GOALS no matter how big or small.  I personally don’t have any grand ideas of going to the CrossFit Games or Regionals.  But I use the Open each year as a tool to check my progress and to help realign or even renew my goals.  Plus I really enjoy getting involved with the increased energy that happens in the gym during the Open time.

Another reason to participate in the Open, especially if you have been doing CrossFit for a year or more, is that a little competition can really bring out the best in you.  It’s easy to lose “intensity” in your workouts if you are never pushed past what you think you can do.

If you have been interested in doing a local competition or maybe not but you are casually interested in what that feels like, then participating in the Open is absolutely your best opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be judged and compete in a CrossFit (as a sport) event.  While you may not make it to Regionals, the excitement of doing the same workout as Games athletes, as well as those CFIB members who are trying to make it to Regionals, is a really fun element added to your weekly workouts for one month a year.

In short I have settled on the final answer - The CrossFit Open is about you renewing your interest in fitness.  Not necessarily CrossFit but in setting or renewing your fitness goals.  It is an opportunity for you to answer those questions or address those resolutions that say to yourself every time you come in the gym?

-What are my goals;

-Have I made progress;

-What can I do to challenge myself today;

-What is it like to compete;

-Have I changed physically or mentally as a person.

The Open is about you versus you.  Much like CrossFit, it is what you want it to be.  It is your competitive sport, something that helps you release, something you do for everyday fitness, something you challenged yourself to do because you were scared to try it.  These are just some of the actual answers members of our gym have told us in the past.  So go and register.  Your baseline is not as valuable if you aren’t performing these workouts with a judge and a little intensity to help push you along.

Go to register and make sure to pick team “CrossFit Interbay”

Here is CrossFit Interbay next "Bro Album Cover"

Core Challenge, not for time and not in any particular order.  Just get the work done.
30 Hollow Body Rocks
30 Reverse Med Ball Burpees
30 V-Ups
30 Supermans
30 Sit-Ups
1 Minute Plank hold from elbows
1 Minute Plank Hold on your right side
1 Minute Plank Hold on your left side

Thrusters (Mx 75/55, Rx 95/65, Rx+ 115/75)
*Mx & Rx 20 Double Unders after each round, Rx+ 30 Double Unders after each round

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