Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 3/1/17

Normally we do a Hero WOD on the first Wednesday of every month.  Since we are in the Open Season, we are going to postpone the Hero WOD until after the Open.  Don't worry, we aren't skipping it, we are delaying it until later.

Back Squat
Set 1 – 5 Reps 75%
Set 2 – 5 Reps 75%
Set 3 – 3 Reps 85%
Set 4 – 3 Reps 85%
Set 5 – 3 Reps 85+%

"Just a sprinkle"
With 17.2 announced tomorrow and we will program it for the gym on Friday, we will do a "sprinkle" of movements to where we get a good workout in but if they repeat some of the movements we won't be wrecked.

One time through
40 Pull-Ups
50 SDHP w/KB (55/35)
60 Sit-Ups
70 Wall Balls (20/14)
800m Run
*18 Minute time cap

This one is such a classic it's worth watching again.

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