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Friday 3/24/17 It's sad to say good bye to friends

I know today is Friday and the day we do 17.5 but stuff like this is more important.  Please come into the gym this morning at 6am and hopefully they will come back tonight for the end of the 2017 Open Party, but Bernie and Eric will be leaving to travel the world for the next year.  So it's their last day today and they plan on training in the 6am class.   Say good bye to them in their final workout and wish them well.  They  have been with us for about 4 years and It's sad to see you go, but we are excited for you both and your future.  Luckily we can see their adventures every step of the way, just follow them on their instagram account they created just for their year they plan on living abroad.  Go to "abroadwithmybroad" on Instagram.  

Good luck Eric and Bernie, we look forward to following you on Instagram and hearing about your adventures when you return in a year.

Remember We are going to run the WOD in regular classes.  So instead of running it in heats all night we are going to have our regular classes so we can warm everyone up as a group and keep it organized.  Now we will have some adult beverages in the gym so after you're done you can stay around, have a good time and cheer on your friends :-) This is the end of the CrossFit Open Party.  If you do the WOD earlier in the day, come by the evening, have a drink and cheer on your friends.  Let's have fun with it.

WORKOUT 17.5 Rx’d (Ages 16-54)
10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters (95/65, Mx over 55-65/45)
35 double-unders
*The games is giving us a 40 minute time cap but that's not realistic for running in the gym.  We will have a 25 minute time cap, if anyone wants the 40 minute time cap we will have to run you on a separate clock or stop watch and have you off to the side.  Talk with a coach too if it's the right thing to do this for potentially 40 minutes.

What's a good video to wish Bernie and Eric in their journey.  I was going to play some Beyonce or Michael Jackson for Bernie but we hear plenty of that so I'll post one of Eric's favorite bands.  Have a great trip and we look forward to your return.

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