Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 3/27/17

So the 2017 CrossFit Open is over, Phew......No more stressful days dreading doing the WOD, re-do's if you weren’t satisfied with your score, or wanting another shot to get those reps you knew you had in you.  No more countless hours spent analyzing your ranking and strategizing the WODs. We can all return to our regularly scheduled programming and training.

I always enjoy the Open season because I see it as a vital aspect of the CrossFit family/community coming to life. We gather around and cheer on those who do battle with these beastly workouts for nothing more than to test ourselves.

I want to thank and congratulate EVERYONE who participated in this CrossFit Open season regardless of whether you registered for the CrossFit Open or not.  Amazing work! You all should be extremely proud of yourselves and your fellow CrossFit Interbay members.

As a coach I watched our gym come together each week to cheer on those athletes brave enough to throw down! I enjoyed the 2017 CrossFit Open Season and the only word to express how I feel is Proud!

That’s what I feel when I look back on the 5 weeks of the Open.

Proud to be a part of this community; this community that supports each other so loudly, never stops cheering, they come back to box to cheer on Saturday’s and Sunday's even if they aren't doing the WOD.  Many of you would come in just to watch your friend attack the Open WOD and to be there for them.

Proud of each and every one of you for pushing yourselves above and beyond.  So many of you hit PR's and found a new level of push you didn't know you had.

Proud that none of you ever gave up. Trying workouts twice, to get that extra rep.

Proud to be your coach.  I'm lucky enough to get to post my feelings on the blog as well as all the other Interbay coaches' feelings.  They have been talking to me over these weeks telling me how proud they are of the athletes in their classes and how great you're all doing.

Thank you and all the coaches at CrossFit Interbay.  I am extremely proud of each and every one of you.

We are going to spend the next month doing some regular strength work, then we will do a bunch of tests so we will have true 1 reps for many of our lifts and skills.

Front Squat
8 Sets of 3 Reps @ 85% 1RM

I've been receiving requests to repeat the following workout, so here it is..............enjoy!
"Blackjack 21"
Sit ups

Rep Scheme
20 Push-Ups /1 Sit-Up, 19 Push-Ups/2 Sit-Ups, 18/3 etc…… to 3/18, 2/19, 1/20 TIME!


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