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Friday 3/31/17 "Cherry Picking Workouts"

I’ve been asked this a bunch from our gym members that travel and drop in to other boxes.  Why is it some CrossFit Gyms post their workouts while others don’t?  I’ve talked to some gyms that don’t post their workouts and their reasoning is they don’t want their members cherry picking WODs.  Cherry picking in CrossFit is selecting whether or not you will come based on the workout that we list on the blog for the following day.  

I can understand their reasoning, even if I don’t agree with it or practice it.  I like giving each of you the option to know what’s coming the next day.  If you don’t want to know the WOD then you don’t have to look at the blog ahead of time(you should read it afterwards to see all our wonderful content).  The reason I post the WOD in the blog is I want you thinking about the workouts.  I want you to get excited for the WOD, talk about it with others and form strategies on how you’ll attack the WOD the following day.  I’ve personally changed my plans on a day I wasn’t supposed to come into the gym, because there was a WOD programmed that I really wanted to do.  CrossFit is the sport of fitness, so enjoy it and treat the WOD as a new fitness game you get to play each and every day. 

Here are my thoughts on if members cherry pick WOD's......You’re all adults, if you choose to cherry pick WOD’s, just understand and accept what you’re doing to your general physical preparedness. The result is always the same, stagnant progress in your evolution in fitness.  Cherry picking is exactly where you will find plateau’s in your journey!

Common Cherry Picking Thoughts:

“That looks hard, I’m not going!”

“I’ve never done that, I’ll skip today!”

“Are you kidding me! I can’t do that!”

“Weightlifting? I don’t want to get big!”

“I don’t like running, I’m not going”

I challenge all of you, to not cherry pick workouts you deem unready for, uncomfortable with or know you just won’t enjoy.  It is in these workouts where you truly gain the most to include mental strength!  I challenge you to attack an area you do not enjoy or an area where you are weaker and attack it with positive energy, believe in yourself and a powerful will to overcome that battle, I promise the results are well worth it.

Yes, it's a coincidence I talk about cherry picking workouts when we run :-) 

800m Run
30 V-Ups
40 Pull-Ups
50 Double Unders
800m Run
50 Double Unders
40 Pull-Ups
30 V-Ups
800m Run
*30 minute time cap

Post WOD Optional Accessory Work:
3 Sets of 20-25 Reps banded face pulls
3 Sets of 10 Reps for each arm, bent over rows with dumbbells

When I was writing this blog I was rocking out to P!nk all day.  I love me some P!nk.  So because of that I'm posting one of her videos.............then going to watch 5 more right afterwards.

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