Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 4/28/17

We are going into our first weekend since starting the Whole 30 challenge.  Sure, during the workweek you’re pretty good about sticking with healthy habits. You eat clean, hit the gym and whip up clean meals after work. But Friday night through Sunday, something changes: Weekends mean time to let loose and that translates into eating and drinking too much paired with moving too little.

You can already see the weekend challenge ahead so be mentally prepared because your first weekend may be challenging but remember why you’re doing this.  We want to reset our eating habits to reach our personal goals.  So stay strong and keep telling yourself that sticking to a wholesome diet helps support your healthy goals, and you'll enter into Monday morning full of energy! Luckily, it doesn't have to be a confusing or a hard endeavor. Follow these rules: you'll be good to go.

1.       Cook at home: Eating out at restaurants should be a treat — not an every-meal occurrence. Cook at home this weekend to have complete control of the healthy ingredients going into every meal.

2.       Don't hold out to eat: When you sit down to a meal famished, you're far more likely to overeat and overdrink — or eat whatever is in sight! Stay satisfied between meals with snacks so you don't skip out on your healthy goals.

3.       Keep snacks homemade: Plan ahead and prep a quality snack so there's no need to step into a convenience store.

4.       I know this is tough but for these 30 days, stay strong.  Give the booze a break: Skip the brunch full of mimosas or evening out with cocktails; booze is full of empty calories and tons of sugar, which can mess with all the hard work you put in with meal planning.

5.       Drink more water: One of the easiest ways to support any healthy weekend is to drink plenty of water. Keep your bottle full at all times to help rid your body of toxins and support healthy digestion.

6.       Bring your own food: Eating clean doesn't mean you can't stay social! Just don't make it all about the food. Instead of meeting up at a bar or restaurant, spend time outside or at a friend's house where you can enjoy your clean food freely. If you have kids sports, bring food with you.  Again, plan ahead so you have less chance of eating out or just picking up any random food at the closest store.

Success through your first weekend will take some discipline but it can still be fun.  Let’s stay strong and do it together.

3 x 400m Run
Record your times.  We will start each 400m at the top of the 5 minutes and you will be able to rest during the remaining time of that 5 minutes.  

5 Rounds
10 Push Press (Mx 75/55, Rx 95/65)
15 Burpees

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