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Monday 6/19/17

The majority of people do CrossFit to be better every day.  We want to be healthier, stronger, more mobile, and fitter, than we were the day before.  We aren’t competing at the CrossFit Games, nor have ideas of competing. We don’t care about having our names on the record boards, we just care about the PR board and the goals we hit.  We CrossFit because we know that it helps us in our everyday life and doing this will have a dramatic effect upon our life years from now.  I mention this to remind you why we do CrossFit and so we don’t get too caught up in the competition that does happen in the gym.  The competition is healthy for pushing yourself to levels you won’t routinely do on your own but don’t let it get out of hand.  This is a lifetime journey we’re on.

So yes, a lot of what we do at CrossFit is based around competing (competing against ourselves and competing against others) but sometimes you just have to embrace “training” so that you improve. We want you to push yourself to set PRs and/or feel good about yourself for hanging with the top athletes in the gym on a WOD. Competition is an important factor at CrossFit Interbay because it helps our athletes achieve results that would be hard to duplicate in a noncompetitive environment. However, if every WOD is a competition where time is the only factor, then you’re missing out on key training adaptations. Slow down every now and then and develop that strength, improve on a skill, and master proper form. The better you are at movement, the more access you’ll have to increased fitness. If you are always focused on competing for the leader board and not slowing down to learn and improve movements you will hit a ceiling that will be very hard to break through. Training is important in terms of increasing Range of Motion (ROM), perfecting skills and improving habits so that when you need to compete later on, you have more output and more ability. 

Improvement doesn’t occur just because you thrash about with a reckless abandon, form be damned, attitude and race to the finish every time we start a clock. You have to take ownership of your workout. Remember, CrossFit is all about you. If you really want to be at the top of the leader board, hit a new PR or be able to Rx WODs you need to focus on these things:

  • Get Stronger – Only deload the bar when appropriate, don’t      take weight off just because you want to go faster. If you can manage the      Rx weight use it but be smart and consult a coach. If your 1RM Deadlift is      315 pounds and the WOD has over 20 reps of 315 DL then you need to scale,      but only scale to 70-80% of your 1RM weight. You will never get stronger by      lifting light and fast.  This      doesn’t mean do the heavier weight if your form breaks down, go with the      bigger weight you can perform while maintaining strong safe form.
  • Scale Only as necessary – Now this doesn’t mean go into a workout with the intention of not scaling no matter what, 80% of our members scale our workouts every day.  However if you can do a workout Rx but it means you’ll go slower, do it.  If you’re not sure, ask a coach(I hope you see a theme here, coaches are here to help and you should listen to them).  We have a goal in mind with the workout sometimes it will be heavier weight, other times it will be intensity, if you’re not sure work with a coach and we are always there to help you.  Plus, only scale to      complete the movements with the best possible form and range of motion you can muster. Scaling mid WOD is ok too and highly encouraged. There’s nothing wrong with performing 3 of the 5 rounds as Rx then dropping weight, moving to a progression movement in later rounds after fatigue sets in, or accumulating minimal reps in a max rep WOD because you were working on a skill.
  • Show Up and Train – Consistency is the key, even if you don’t like the WOD or are feeling tired or sore. Tired and sore days are perfect times to throw the clock out the window to show up and just train.

Finally, when you are having those days when you feel like Superman or Superwoman and you want to throw down in a WOD, remember who you are competing against – CrossFit is all about YOU. Go at your own pace and let the intensity find you. Push your work capacity; you will never get better by chasing the work capacity of the person next to you. That just leads to range of motion issues.

p.s. I will add one more thing that is a huge pet peeve to me and many other coaches.  When we ask for your times or rounds, don't give them to us and go "I did xx but I only did 45 pounds".  I really dislike it when you ad in the "I only did...."  Get that negative out of there, be proud of what you did.  I don't care if Rich Fronning is working out next to you lifting 1,000 pounds and you did 10 pounds, don't say "I only did 10 pounds" Because you're watching a freak next to you doing something amazing.  Be as proud of your 10 pounds as they are of that 1,000.  So next time I expect a double fist pump, shoot the guns and say "Ron I did xx rounds with 10 M*tha F*ckin Pounds....BANG BANG".  And be proud of it, we are.

Press Complex
4 sets of:
2 Strict Shoulder Press, 2 Push Press and 2 Push Jerks without putting the bar down

20 minute AMRAP
400m run
30 wall balls (20/14)
20 V-Ups

Watching this video makes me dislike and love cell phones.  It's painful to watch this but entertaining at the same time.

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