Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 6/26/17

Congratulations to Aaron with taking 2nd place in the Whiskey Throttle Throwdown this Saturday.  He competed in the individual division and won two of the events.  Great work!!!!!

30 Minute EMO2M (on the 2 minutes)
5 Burpees (FB 8 Burpees)
10 Wall Balls (Rx+ 5 Burpees and 25/16 pound wall ball, FB 8 Burpees and 30/20 WB)
10 Sit-Ups (10 Sit-Ups for everyone)
*You will wind up doing 15 rounds of this.  Go as fast as you can then rest with the remaining time of the 2 minutes.

Not sleeping sometimes has it's advantages.  For instance, I saw this infomercial and now that it's summer time how can I possibly live without it.

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