Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday Labor Day 9/4/17

Reminder there is a modified class schedule on Labor Day, classes are 9am & 10am.  Get a workout in then go out and enjoy the holiday.

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Teams of 2
20 Minute AMRAP
Partner 1 will do a 100m Suit Case Carry w/KB (55/35) Switch hands at the 100m mark
While Partner 1 is doing the Suit Case Carry, Partner 2 will do the following
Partner 2:
14 OH Med Ball Lunges (Each leg = 1, 20/14)
Then after you complete the lunges, complete Max Wall Balls until your partner returns from the Suit Case Carry
*Your team score is your grand total Wall Balls completed as a team.

Pretty intesting, NSFW some language

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